Chili Charger

Puzzle your way to the promised land of pain!


Chili Charger is a connection puzzle game that looks so easy to solve until you reach the more complex mechanics. Connect water, light and fertilizer to Chuck's chilies and make them grow! Power water pumps and fertilizer dispensers before you can use them. Fight against a nasty chili haze that will limit your initial view of the garden. Can you solve them all?

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Mixed into the puzzles is a short story about an insignificant freelance developer named Chuck, who dreams about creating honest games. One day he finds a withered chili plant and slowly discovers his love for simpler things like growing chilies.

Help Chuck rediscover joy in his life and grow ultrahot chilies by untangling his garden. You can, of course, just skip the reading stuff if you are only here for the puzzle pain!

Chuck's garden

Turn tiles by tapping on them. Tapping them in the left area makes them turn left, and right if you tap the right half.

You can change this behaviour to make the tiles rotate in one direction only for smaller screens. Or if you let your cat play the game!

Connect a source tile to a chili to make it grow.

Chili Charger example level

Chilis need more than just water. Use multiconnect tiles to distribute the resources.

Chili Charger example level

Power the Chili Charger 9000 first to activate other tiles. But don't connect water to it or power to a chili! *BZZT*

Chili Charger example level

example image portrait
Tap large image for more screenshots! It's kinda random though.

We also have a gameplay trailer! Share it, like it, comment… dislike if you must. But share the pain!

Chili Charger example level


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Support / Feedback

If you run into any technical issues, send an email to

You can leave your feedback on the play store and if you want you can fill out a more specific feedback form for Chili Charger.
It's completely anonymous and helps me understand what works and what doesn't.
Of course you are free to rage about the game everywhere else you want!


Assets free to use on other websites can be found in the Chili Charger Press Kit.

Chili Charger


  • A puzzle game about chilies, cats and happiness.
  • Puzzle your way to the promised land of pain!
  • 144 levels of chili madness.
  • Cat content!
  • Various puzzle mechanics like multiconnect tiles, crossing resource tiles, the Chili Charger 9000 and Chili Haze.
  • Challenge mode: solve the puzzle with the least possible moves.
  • Relaxing soundtrack.

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The first level pack is free to play. You can unlock all other level packs of the main story via a single In-App purchase. That will include packs #2 through #6, all 144 levels!

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