Harry Dies


The evil princess has enslaved the dragon! No telling what she will do with a dragon at her disposal. We must rush to his rescue and confront the princess. Glory, treasure and most likely certain death await us!

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Keyboard: WASD+SPACE or ← → ↑ ↓
Controller: Left analog stick + A
Touch: Will be automatically activated

The Game

Harry Dies is a 2D (torture) platformer. It consists of 3 worlds, with totally not deadly levels connecting them, and a final challenge.

Chapter 1: The Abyss of Death

The first level will take you deep into the ocean. You probably should avoid getting sliced, chopped, zapped, eaten… or drown somewhere in the depths.

Chapters 2, 3 and The End

These 2 will follow in further releases. If you want to be notified when it happens, you can follow me on Twitter or my Google+ games collection. Updates will be posted there. Or, if you prefer oldskool, my own website. If the whole game is finished there will probably be a non-web version for Windows and Android.


A keyboard, WASD+SPACE / arrow keys ← → ↑ ↓, or a gamepad, left analog stick and A to jump, is highly recommended. But there are also touch controls if you're on a tablet. I bow down to you if you finish it on a tablet!

I love it!

In case you want to contact me to, I don't know, tell me how much you hate the game and how you smashed your keyboard against the wall (I want to see a video!), you can post rants on the game's Youtube videos, Twitter or G+ or send me an email. Here's my answer to that already: Git Gud!

If you want to support development, you can use Paypal <3

Share the pain

If you want to share the link, please only use https://kiza.eu/harrydies/, the current page. Please do not use the embedded frame location. If the fullscreen link does not work, please send me the gritty details (browser, device) along with the complaint.