17.06 Chilis

5 June 2017 in Chilijournal

After many hot days most chilies doubled in size. I guess the lemon drop more like tripled. And finally on the way to the first peppers! Lots of cayenne golden already, must be more like 10 waiting to turn yellow. The scotch bonnet has turned into a tree. Used a rather large pot. There are like 50 blossoms and many of them are turning into chili peppers now.

Together with chilies I planted cucumbers which are finally starting to grow and a butternut squash from a seed obtained from a fruit last year. This one is totally overgrowing the poor ghost pepper in the same pot. Everytime the ghost pepper grows by 1 cm the squash plant has grown by 10 cm. Looking at the size this thing grows to, pumpkins might not be the best thing to grow in pots on a balcony. :)