Chili Charger beta

13 October 2017 in Games

Chili Charger example level

After what feels like a year Chili Charger is... finally!... almost complete. It now has a webpage! Chili Charger website

All that's now missing is the final artwork for the main screen and a bunch of sound effects and the press kit. Oh and the play store entry along with the beta promotion. Reminds me that I need to generate more promo codes for the beta testers aaaand I need to gather beta testers in the first place. Probably bugs here and there. And I must not forget to configure the in-app products in the developer console. Reminds me... yeah, come back next year!

Anyway, it's been a huge chunk of work. 144 levels and a story snippet for every level plus translating it into German. So it better be good!