Chili Charger release

6 November 2017 in Games

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With the initial idea to release it at the beginning of September... here we are instead, beginning of November. One does not simply create a game in a few months it seems. Even a rather "small" one can take forever. Waiting for external stuff to be finished, proofreading the story again and again, fixing shortcuts in levels, finding suitable music and sound effects (almost the hardest part), webpages, marketing material... don't forget a video! This one was done by Kianga and from what I heard... one does not simply capture in-game videos on Android either.

But, it's really done! Now all it needs is downloads and people actually buying the full version. The gameplay itself is fun, I hope. I will refrain from using the phrase "I know what's fun!". Well at least I like this kind of puzzle and since there are so many of them with questionable monetization we created this one. But there are none with chilies. And cats! Can't go wrong with cat content.

Which brings up the story. This is a new, too. And probably the most interesting part for me to see how others react to it. The first story chapter is mostly about Chuck, his cat Luzy and catching that chili thief. But the later chapters tell a story about Chuck's struggle to create honest games and what is wrong with todays gaming industry. Nah, no more spoilers! But if you're sick of modern games and microtransactions you might enjoy the story. But always remember: there is cat content!

To add a few credits here, since they are otherwise only visible in the game, we have that wonderful soundtrack by Joel Hunger. It's probably not very "puzzly", but it's so relaxing and I think fits that whole I'd-rather-have-a-slower-life-and-grow-chilies kind of attitude of Chuck quite well. We did have tracks that were mostly reggae in the initial version, but that was really cliche. Either way, I guess it'll be a love or hate kind of music choice. But you can mute it! ;)

And we have that lovely title artwork by Toraz the Nomad. The cat is so fluffy! There, more cat content. In fact, if you beat the game... no, no, no, I said no more spoilers.

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