So I tried out facebook ads

21 December 2017 in Kizajournal

One of the marketing platforms for Chili Charger we decided to use was facebook. Since I have never used it, my account is pretty empty. Turns out that is a major problem. But not so fast.

I created a brand page, uploaded an app icon, header and URLs to the play store. Created an ad account, added payment information... BooM! To protect me from them evil hackers my account was locked. Safety precaution. Of course.

But fear not, follow these easy instructions to regain access to your account. So I uploaded a picture of me as requested. That was on a Friday.

Saturday: no answer, account still being verified.

Sunday: no answer, investigation is ongoing.

Monday! I'll leave this one blank.

Tuesday: no answer, but if I now log in my submitted information does not need to verified anymore. Instead the account has been disabled. WTF? Still no answer whatsoever. Only remaining method now is to submit an appeal.

Wednesday is here. No answer, of course not. But when I randomly try to login, it suddenly works! Not a single answer via mail, nothing in the support inbox. No further information on why the whole account was disabled.

I have never, ever been treated worse by any other customer service. I mean, I was about to become a paying customer using their ad system. But apparently they don't need any more customers.

Bottom line if one wants to use facebook ads: create and account and wait half a year. During that time add random friends, but no more than 2 a week! Post a cat picture every Friday, write a blog about every rainy Sunday and add totally random musings every Tuesday. Maybe after that you will evade the automatic account disabling that probably consists of a chain of half a million conditions and nobody has a clue anymore how the code works.