Chilijournal 1712

21 December 2017 in Chilijournal

Since it's December the chili season 2018 has started, too! Half of them have already sprouted. There is a Bishop's Crown. Let's try this one again, the ones from last year were plain boring. But they are supposed to be pretty good. So this will be Bishop's Crown: take 2. Or the obvious problem is: only Demon's Crown will produce anything interesting.

Pumpkin Pepper. Not sure about these, but the fruits looked interesting. Like little pumpkins. Originally cultivated somewhere in the US. Of course, where else would you find pumpkin crazed folk. ;)

Why always so colorful? Why indeed, I found one that is called Snow White. The plant is normal of course, but all the chili peppers are white and won't turn into any other color even when ripe. Might be a problem to determine when they ripen, but it sounded fun.

Of course we need a few classics every year. So the good old Ghost Pepper is back. But there is no real guarantee it will be one. This one was from generation three seeds, so it might be Bell Pepper or something really dangerous. Which reminds me of the story I wrote for Chili Charger! What a perfect opportunity to try it! (No, I didn't plan to include a link into this post. It was pure coincidence!)